Elena Ivanova and Andrey Naumov's project
I remember how I felt when I first saw the work of Andrei Naumov, and the admiration of the viewer was replaced by the designer's analytical look: I wanted to give these works a different dimension - tactile, sensual, utilitarian.

I wanted them to open up not only on the wall as a work of art, but also to interact with people at the level of a design subject.

Plywood stretcher, glazed rice paper, solid wood and ink painting, red Chinese lacquer, simple furniture fittings: when designing, we relied on the traditions of handicraft, combined with a new meaning of the object as an element of space zoning. The screen is divided into 3 parts, connecting or not - at the request of the customer. This modular solution is associated not only with the search for identity and sustainability, but also with the fact that we all have different needs and capabilities: in a small area, it is enough to install 1 element in order to maintain our privacy.

Creating a handicraft image in combination with a unique technique that allows you to combine several layers of the thinnest paper, researching a work of art at the junction of design that respects conscious consumption - we wanted to breathe into our work not only multicultural aesthetics, but also more modern meanings, give it development and give it a push to sail on its own.