Office Kozikhinsky
Recording company office in
Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane
The office in Bolshoy Kozikhinsky Lane is located in a five-floor brick building built in 1910, which once belonged to N.A. Serebryakov. In this house, in apartment number 10, the artist Aristarkh Lentulov lived for thirty years, about whose works the following entry was left on the artcyclopedia website: "his paintings are composed of dynamically colliding, sonorously colored planes - the space gravitates towards the plane, and the plane itself is decorated with patterns and applicative stickers; the city in Moscow landscapes ... looks like a miraculous blooming "architectural miracle". We are talking about the artist's creative period in the 1910s, when he had already left the Jack of Diamonds, lived in Kozikhinsky Lane and painted many Moscow landscapes - "Night on Bronnaya", "Night on Patriarch's Ponds" and others.

It is impossible not to respect a house with such an artistic heritage, but it would also be uninteresting to indulge in direct quotation. And it is clear that the interior of the record company operating at this address should take into account not the historical reminiscences, but the comfort and convenience of employees. Together with graphic designer Polina Glynina, who borrowed the image of maneki neko - a "lucky cat" from the Bosnian tattoo artist Igor Lazarevich, and collected from 50-60 Japanese posters (Kenji Itoh, Kazumasa Nagai, Hiroshi Tanaka, Shigeo Fukamek, Yusaku K Yokoo, Hisami Kunitake, Ikko Tanaka and Frenchman Bernard Villemo) and graffiti of street art artists Broken Fingaz from Haifa, we continued to work on the idea of decorative planes inscribed in the volume of old architecture. And, of course, the magnificent works of the artist Andrei Naumov are surprisingly correlated with the theme of filmmaking, which is also handled by the client company. Together, we managed to create an authentic interpretation of the architectural heritage from the eclectic layers of the past, and the interior acquired the charm of an old Moscow house, which it had been deprived of for many years.