An apartment with a museum painting and a black and white cat named Shrimp
An apartment with a museum painting and a black and white cat named Shrimp
The design work began in the fall of 2019, the selection of materials began in October, the supply of light, tiles and plumbing was expected in early 2020, and the equipment for air conditioning, supply and exhaust ventilation was supposed to come from China closer to the New Year. Needless to say, these expectations were not destined to come true, and construction work was postponed due to the introduction of the access system.

From Italy, we received shower doors of a different size, and the furniture left for storage in a warehouse near Podolsk burned down and was eventually reordered. But there were also some inspiring moments!

An incredibly interesting task was to place in the modern interior the beautiful graphics of the early 20th century so that the apartment, according to the owners, does not "turn into a museum", and to come up with an unusual hanging. Moreover, the customer's decision to buy works by a contemporary artist turned out to be very wise: antique prints by Afanasy Kulikov, whose paintings are in the collection of the Tretyakov Gallery, look surprisingly topical and bright in an emphatically laconic interior next to modern graphics by Andrei Naumov.

Another interesting aspect in the design was the presence of a cat named Shrimp. The cat appeared in the drawings that way: a tray, a mobile scratching post, into which he tried to turn a new ottoman. But Shrimp is an intelligent and well-mannered cat, he rarely does it.

Many different lighting scenarios were also invented, and since the owners prefer dim light colors in the interior, it was logical to focus on the variety of textures in finishing materials. This is how plaster appeared on the wall, where the sketched turkey "stood" beautifully, marble veins on the tiles, blinds that beautifully sift light, lamps that cast textured shadows on the wall.

They also managed to restore the magnificent Ipe parquet flooring, which was carefully renovated to a perfect gloss, revealing its variegated and unusual color.

As a result, in addition to modern paintings for the interior, the author's ceramics of the Moscow artist Lena Skvortsova was acquired, oil painting is adjacent to graphics, and the furniture of Italian and domestic factories, together with custom-made furniture in Moscow workshops, made up an interesting ensemble of mix-and-much with classic English textiles Philip Morris and Zoffany.