Bikram yoga studio on Arbat
Bikram yoga studio on Arbat
Nizhniy Kislovsky lane 7.

In Arbatskiye lanes, next to the Mosselprom house, there is an uninteresting box of the former research institute, which had its own assembly hall and even a mezzanine gallery. At one time after the research institute ceased to function as an institute and became a business center, the assembly hall was rented by some kind of theater or entreprise. It would be much more interesting to talk about the house of Arseny Morozov, on the outskirts of which the windows of jivamukti yoga look out, or about Mosselprom - a view of which you could catch from the windows of another studio room, but in houses-monuments of architecture in Moscow, unlike St. Petersburg, it is impossible to build yoga studios for obvious reasons: it is expensive, and sadly the number of monuments is decreasing. Therefore, in the two floors of the former assembly hall with its huge space, a yoga studio is wonderfully housed, which for several years had to be content with rooms without windows, and only recently one managed to rent external rooms, and Bikram Yoga was joined by a jivamuki and a meditation halls, as well as an office with a breathtaking view of the Novy Arbat Expressway.

The peace and quiet inside the studio makes you forget that the place is located in the very center of a huge city, the combination of materials and colors set you up for work with the body, meditation and relaxation. The fact that the studio was initially devoid of windows found its expression in the materials used - when you are inside the Bikram Yoga hall, it seems that through the large opaque windows you can see the silhouettes of passers-by, although the windows overlook the corridor and the reception. Each hall is designed in its own colors: Bikram yoga always takes place in rooms heated to 40 degrees, at the corners of which there are air ducts and a steam generator for heated humid air. The colors of the walls are designed to relax and distract the practitioner from the unusual humid temperature, giving calm and coolness.

For the jivamukti hall, the chosen colors allow you to concentrate on practice, plunging into the fundamental concept of yoga "here and now", focusing on your own feelings. The golden circle on the plastered wall was printed using the finest gold leaf, specifically "printed", just as the plaster was applied not to the walls, but directly to the wallpaper, which was subsequently glued to the entire wall in a continuous piece. A long, narrow corridor was painted with a light gray color, finishing the floor and walls with tactile materials: soft carpet tiles and delicate plaster.

The meditation hall is entirely decorated in the colors of the earth - nothing distracts from the immersion in practice.